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Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!!

The Mr. and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this past weekend.

I know 12 years may not seem all that big a number.

Not like 25 or 50 but I figure that the mere fact that the Mr. was able to put up with me for another 365 days while holding on to most of his sanity is reason enough to celebrate!

And celebrate we did!!!

We started with a late breakfast from McDonald’s.

Watched a little TV.

Played a little Guitar Hero (him, not me!).

Read a little bit.

Had a late lunch from the gourmet kitchen of Hardee’s.

And after a dip in the pool, we ate some popcorn for supper while watching TV.

We rounded out the night watching Dr. Who but couldn’t stay awake for the whole thing.

Do we know how to party or what?????

But the Mr. more than made up for the exciting day by giving me an awesome (and fun) gift.

He got me a Fitbit.



Now normally I would poo-poo the idea of anything fitness related for an anniversary present (or any other day present for that matter!) but let me just tell you that this thing is totes jelly!!! 🙂

I had been trying to win a free one from the Pioneer Woman with no luck. So that sweet Mr. spent way too much money and surprised me with not only the Fitbit but he even got the color I wanted!!!

He listens!

He actually listens!!!

So what is a Fitbit???

Why, it’s a little thingamabob that tracks my steps, how many miles I’ve walked (not many), how many calories I’ve burned, how many “very active minutes” (HA!), as well as tracking weight, water intake and even sleep patterns.



It’s neat-o!

I know there are those among you who are asking, “Why on earth would the very fit Mish need one of these?”

Well, let me just tell you.

Last night about 9:30 I was taking Taj out for his last hurrah before bed.

Yes, we go to bed that early so we can watch a Dr. Who.

I think I’ve already covered just how exciting our life really is.

So anywho, while Taj is doing his business and chasing lightning bugs, I pull out my phone to check how many steps I had walked. The recommended number is 10,000 but even with the dreaded trip to the grocery I haven’t gotten anywhere near that.

At 9:30 I was at 4,853 steps.

Well, that would never do!

I had to at LEAST get to 5,000.

So what did my neighbor see when she looked out the window???

She saw a crazy lady marching around her yard in the dark trying to get 147 more steps to register on her Fitbit!!!!

And no, you don’t have to march but I just wanted to make good and sure that each step was counted so I picked up those knees and embarrassed the heck out of the dog!! 🙂

Loving the Fitbit!!!

Sadly, the Mr. didn’t fare as well in the gift department this year.

Lately we have been trying to cut back on expenses a little so I thought we were giving each other the same thing we did for Mother’s and Father’s Day…….a big lot of nuthin’!!!

So while I got the incredible Fitbit for a gift, that poor, poor Mr. came away empty handed.

But never fear, nostalgia wins the day!

When the Mr. was just a little guy (way before he was a Mr.) his mom had an album that he LOVED! She would play this album and he would sing every word of every song. The album was The Cat And The Lady.

Never heard of it?

Can’t find it?

Of course not.

It doesn’t exist!

Well, Sunday afternoon, we were watching the Sunday Morning show that we tape every week and there was a piece on songwriter Gerry Goffin. He was once married to Carole King and they wrote many songs together.

During that segment, we learned that the couple split up and Carole King branched out on her own in 1968 with an album called “Tapestry”.





It DOES exist!!!

Well, after I realized that was the album, I just had to buy it!!

So several days AFTER our anniversary, I gave the Mr. his very own CD of The Cat And The Lady!!

I have a feeling I’m gonna be listening to that CD quite a bit.

Sorry I was so late (and cheap) but happy 12th anniversary, Mr.!!

Thanks for putting up with my silliness for yet another year!




These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

The Mr. and I have been busy as can be.

And ya’ll……..I’ve got so much to tell you about!!!

From target practice to Comic Con to giant stinkers, I’m not really sure where to start.


I’ll start with this past weekend.

Way back in the olden days of March, Molly posted on Facebook that she was going to put together a team for the MS Walk.

Now, first of all, let me just say that this isn’t the first time Facebook has gotten me in trouble!!

Nor will it be the last, I’m sure.

But in those chilly early-March days, I was young and naive and May 31 seemed oh so far off. I just KNEW that by the time the Walk actually took place, I would be miraculously thin and in shape.

I was so sure of this that I even bragged to my cardiologist that I was participating in the Walk.

Well, really I just told him because when he got to the question of exercise and I had to confess that my regimen was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent, I felt like this would make up for my winter laziness.

That sprang from my fall laziness.

That came after my summer laziness.

You get the picture.

It’s a whole laziness circle!

Anyway, what I wasn’t counting on was Dr. Monin being so impressed that he WROTE IT IN MY CHART!!!!

Oh my lands!!!

You all know what that means, right????

He’s gonna ask me about it at my next appointment!!!


But in all seriousness, the reason Molly put together the team and the reason I signed up was because of our good friend, Mark Jackson, who has been diagnosed with MS.

team jackson

So a big group of friends and family joined Team Jackson and this past Saturday we met up at the MS Walk.


Some were pumped.


Not so much.

I had worried and fretted and worried some more.

Why was I so apprehensive?

I HAD been preparing for this Walk, hadn’t I?

I mean, with over 2 months to get off the couch, I had SURELY been walking every day so as to be ready.




We met up with the team on a beautifully warm and sunny day with absolutely no preparation and no hope that I could do it.

But that awesome Mr. just encouraged me and told me he would walk by my side and take breaks whenever I needed them.

That’s sweet just on the face of it but considering that I’m a super slow walker in normal circumstances and have also been known to complain a bit when in uncomfortable situations, that just may earn the Mr. another star in his crown on judgment day!!

Let me say that not only did I walk the WHOLE WAY, but I did it without complaining, I only sat down 1 time and, most importantly, I WASN’T LAST!!!

I’d say that was quite the accomplishment!!

Now I’m sure you’re saying to yourself “My, that Mish is so impressive”.

And you’re right.

It is very impressive.

But I must confess that my big long walk was really just 3 miles.

And while most people could do that in their sleep, I think it was pretty remarkable for a middle-aged, overweight woman with a heart condition!!

Because did you catch that part about not being last???????

I was NOT last!!!

That’s the best part!

And even though I’m still limping along with a big ole blister on my foot and shin splints that scream every time I take a step, I’m glad I did it.

Because at the end of the day, helping in even a small way to find a cure for MS is so worth it!

And so is standing (or walking) with this guy:


Love you, Old Man Jackson!!