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To Geek Or Not To Geek

There’s an ongoing discussion in our house about geeks and nerds.

It all started when I bought a pair of socks that says “I heart Nerds”. I thought they were so cute.

Little did I know that the Mr. did not care for these socks.

He also didn’t particularly like my Snoopy “I heart Nerds” shirt, which I wore EVERYWHERE!!!


Then one day he asked me not to wear it and when I inquired as to the reason, I found out that he was offended by being called a nerd.

He was, in fact, a GEEK!


Didn’t know there was a difference.

But, oh yes, there is!!

I don’t  really know what the difference is but since the Mr. is  much smarter than me (GEEK) he must be right!

So I cut back on the wearing of the Nerd Love and continue to love my geek, though without accessories to prove it.

Everything was going fine until one day when I was informed by my Shelby that the Mr. AND I are actually her “favorite nerds”.




Now wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute!

When did this happen???

Was it from all the Star Trek that I’ve seen??

Was it from my love of Doctor Who??

Or could it possibly be that I’ve now attended not one but TWO Comic Cons????

Oh yes, that’s probably it!!

Back in the spring, the Mr. and I went all the way to Indianapolis to our very first Comic Book Convention. And folks, let me just tell you, I may be a nerd, but there was not a doubt in my mind that at this event, the Mr. and I were in fact the coolest kids there!!!

Oh my stars and garters!





Of course, it’s not easy to look down on these sillies from such a lofty height when you’ve just driven 3 hours to get your picture taken with Arya Stark!!!

Arya Stark 2

Yes, it’s true!



Well, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone so a few weeks later, Shelby joined us for our second Comic Con. This one was in Louisville and featured the cast of The Walking Dead!

Oh my!!

This was gonna be fun!!!

We opted to dress like just your average everyday weirdos though and we blended in just fine. And while there were LOTS of people in costume, the vast majority went for Doctor Who.

Here’s me with my favorite Doctor:


Now, before you think this was a guy that “worked” at the convention, oh no! I’m much more pathetic than that!!

This was just some random dude that agreed to get his picture made with a middle-aged woman who loves David Tennant.




The Mr. wanted to bring this TARDIS home:


And poor little ole Shelby humored me by posing with her LEAST favorite character of all time, TE.


{YES, I realize it’s ET but when Shelby was little, she was scared of him and called him TE. What a cutie she was and still is!!!}

Then we went to the main event, a panel discussion with several cast members of The Walking Dead.

Sadly, all the actors played characters that have already DIED on the show!!

Oh well, we were still in the same room with Lori, Merle, Shane and Hershel.



Al in all, it was a really great time and who knows???

We may go back next year.

I really want to take Belle and turn her into a nerdy geek too!

Her parents would LOVE that! 🙂