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Pride Goeth Before A Fall…..

It’s Christmas Week!!


This year I am determined to be organized and ready to thoroughly enjoy time with family and friends.

Plus I’m super excited to see what Santa is bringing me!! 🙂

I had 2 goals for the weekend…..

1.  Finish wrapping all the presents; and

2.  Get my grocery shopping done.

The first goal was pretty easy. I got everything wrapped and under the tree and even re-wrapped Shelby’s gift that Taj had angrily unwrapped last week. Silly dog!

The big challenge was Kroger.

Now, normally I detest the grocery.

I hate the planning, the list, the driving to and from, the shopping and loading and unloading of the car. And after all that, I get to look forward to the putting away of all the stuff.

Not my idea of a fun day!

But I knew that Sunday would be the worst Kroger day of them all.

Because I knew that everyone in this town would be getting their Christmas grocery shopping done on this same day at the same time.

I even warned the Mr. that I could be gone for HOURS!

And sure enough, the parking lot was full.

I tried to snag a cart from the lot to save time in the store (Belle taught me that trick!) but there were none.

I went in the store and there were TWO carts.


Not a good sign.

I quickly went up and down each aisle, grabbing the stuff on my list.

I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I was getting this DONE!!

Then I turned the corner on the baking aisle.

Oh my goomy-gosh!!!

It was like an obstacle course, full of people, carts and PEOPLE!

So I hiked up my big-girl-britches and pushed my way into the crowd.

Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me, pardon me……….

And that’s where I ran into my first problem.

I’m not sure exactly who designed grocery stores or who decided what items go on which shelves, or even how deep those shelves need to be but I’m pretty confident that it was a taller-than-average GIANT.

I needed some Bisquick.

Well, apparently so did everybody else in Frankfort because there were only a few left.

A few.

On the top shelf.

Pushed all the way to the back!


I looked around and didn’t see anyone who I deemed tall enough to reach that silly Bisquick.

Then I spotted her.

Coming up the aisle was a young girl who stood head and shoulders above the crowd.

Putting on my most pathetic short-girl face, I asked this amazon-child if she would be so kind as to get me one of those Bisquicks down. She so nicely climbed up the shelves and got me one.

As I’m thanking her, I hear a lady behind me say “Would you mind grabbing me two of those?”.

Sure enough, a line of short little ladies was forming behind me.

I hope that girl wasn’t stuck too long in the Bisquick section!!


I finally got out of that store with most of my sanity in place, though there was a tense moment when I couldn’t find the cocoa and a nice lady helped talk me through where it might be.

Kroger is so fun!

I got home with all my purchases, the Mr. helped carry it all in and I began the task of finding a place for it all.

In no time, I had it all put away and even organized all the items I bought for making various and sundry dishes to take to the Christmas goings-on this week. I’ve got all the non-refrigerated items in bags according to the recipes and stored in another room. This will ensure that the Mr. doesn’t dip into any of the goodies that aren’t for plain guzzlin’.

By the time I went to bed last night, I was feeling as proud as a peacock at how “READY” I am for this week.

Gifts are wrapped, groceries are purchased, and I only have to work 2 days this week.

I could not be more proud of myself.


It’s a dangerous thing.

Just when you feel you’ve got life all together, you forget one little thing.

One little important thing.

Something like setting the alarm clock.

I heard Taj snorting around this morning and prayed that he would go back to sleep “until the alarm goes off”.

{I pray this a lot.}

Thank the good Lord that Taj didn’t go back to sleep.

No, instead he climbed up in the bed with us and started rolling around and even barked a little bark to wake me up.

I finally stirred and looked at the clock.



I overslept!!!

By fourteen minutes!!!!!

I jumped up, got in the shower and I’ve been at a dead run ever since.

Well, maybe not a run.

I did take a minutes or two to lay back down after my shower.

Getting ready for work can be exhausting!!!

Oh well, so much for being ready and organized.

What would I do without my little Taj-y?????

Probably still be asleep, that’s what!!

Merry Christmas, ya’ll.




Things That Go Bump In The Night

I have been accused in the past of “embellishing” some of my stories and while I do try to put a humorous spin on these tales, let me assure you that there is no embellishment.

I stand behind each and every, well, most of these yarns.

But today, I’m just going to give the facts.

Just the facts.

You can draw your own conclusions.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Mr., Taj & I traveled to the Great White North (aka NY).  We had a great and relaxing time visiting with the kids and the rest of the family.  We even got to have a fun pizza and wings night with the Fierce’s.

It was lots of fun.

We ate and laughed and talked and ate and napped and ate and ate some more.

I think Taj doubled in size from turkey alone!!

{Ok……….maybe that was a bit of an embellishment!}

But something happened to me on Thursday that I cannot explain.

Up in the afternoon, I went upstairs to plug in my cell phone and to go to the potty.

{Sorry, but that’s relevant to the story.}

Before going into the bathroom, I took off my big ole ring and laid it on the middle of the white table in our room.

Right in the middle.

Not on the edge.

When I came back in the room, the ring was gone.

My first thought was that it rolled toward the back part of the table so I moved things and looked for it.


It was gone.

Then I thought………yep……..someone is messing with me.

I’m pretty gullible and Andrew LOVES to get me so I figured he had snuck up the stairs and nabbed the ring.

Then in true Mish fashion, a random thought entered my head.

It happens a lot.

Kinda like a dog with a squirrel.

Anyway, I thought “hair clip”.

I remembered that I had left my only hair clip on the bathroom sink that very morning and wanted to grab it before it got knocked into the trash or toilet or something.

So I turned around, walked into the bathroom and came straight back to the bedroom.

Maybe took me a second.

And, lo and BE-hold, there was that ring!!

Right where I had left it!!!!!

Middle of the table.

Not against anything else.

Not near the edge.






I thought that whoever was messing with me had hidden away and when I left the room, put the ring back.   And now they are back in their hiding place.

Pretty sneaky.

But the only person at the house who is small enough to hide so quickly was my niece, Sarah.

She must be pulling a prank on her old aunt.

I know I didn’t hear her on the stairs so she must still be hiding.

I put my ring back on, turned off the light and hurried down the stairs.

As I came around the stairs into the dining room I see her.


In the kitchen.

On the floor.

Playing with Taj.

With about 10 people between her and me.

There is NO WAY she got down the stairs and into the kitchen that fast without me hearing her.


So who was it?

We may never know but the Mr. has a theory.

He believes it must be a ghost who likes “gaudy” jewelry!!

Not sure who he was trying to insult…….

….Me or the ghost!!!