Calgon Take Me Away

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know the ones.

The ones where you would have been better off to just snuggle down in those covers and sleep the day away?

Well, that’s exactly what I should have done today.

It started out like every other work day.

I hauled myself up out of a deep sleep to let the dogs out.

Yes, I said dogs.

As in more than one.

For those of you who don’t know, we added to our family a few months ago.

You remember Shadow, the dog I spent MONTHS begging the Mr. for?

Well, it’s a long story but let me just say:

We got a new dog.

His name is Shadow.

{Ok, I guess it’s not that long a story!}

Anywho, I let the dogs out, answering the age-old question of “who” and by the time I got them fed, medicated (Shadow) and cheesed (both), I was a smidge on the tardy side.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from laying back down on the bed for a “minute”.

I eventually, after many minutes, got myself back up and started getting ready for work.

Let me pause right here to bring you up to speed on a couple of riveting things:

1. Since Shadow has come into our lives, the days of morning showers are long gone! That cutie guy wakes me up at such odd times, I can’t get on a schedule so I’ve just switched to night showers. It works pretty well except for the hair.

2. A while back I finally got fed up with the shaggy mane that is my hair and had Christi just cut it all off!!! I told her I needed to be able to wash it at night and she said “no problem, just wet it the next morning, dry & style it”.


That has YET to happen.

Yes, I’ve washed it.

Yes, I’ve dried it.

But oh, no, I have not even THOUGHT about wetting it the next morning.

I just go with whatever wild thing I wake up with.

And that brings us to this morning.

When I sat down at the dressing table to work on this head, it became obvious that a family of muskrats had made a nest in my hair.

I think it was Suzy and Sam.

That hair was WILD and was sticking up every which way.

So I curled and sprayed and waxed and sprayed and curled some more and finally got it in some semblance of order. Though I’m afraid the back still shows signs of a rodent party.

By the time I did all that, brushed my teeth, put on my shoes and grabbed my purse, I was really running late.

And now the dogs are barking.

Well, actually, only one barks.

The other honks.

And the more Taj barks, the more Shadow honks.

It can be quite deafening.

So I race to the laundry room and set the security alarm.

Now I have 60 seconds to get out the door before the alarm sounds.

I hurry to the garage door and pull.

And tug.

And pull.

And tug.

That silly door has swollen so much, that my little noodle arms can’t get it open.

FINALLY, it opens and out runs Shadow!!

Right into the garage.

Now, I’ve got Bob Barker behind me, mad because he thinks his brother is going for a ride.

I’ve got Honky McHonker running all around the garage thinking he’s going for a ride.

And time is ticking down on that crazy alarm!!!


That was it.

That was my cue.

That’s where I should have hit the sheets.

Instead, I shut off the alarm, convinced Shadow to come back in the house and we started all over.

This time I was able to use my big ole purse to block that slippery little devil from getting out the door.

Or course, the whole time it’s BARK, BARK, BARK, HONK, HONK, HONK…………

I shoulda stayed in bed.




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