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Stay Calm and Call the Doctor

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The confession.

I hadn’t been dating the Mr. very long (ok, he wasn’t the Mr. then, just the Guy) and in a moment of stupidity, I confessed to him that I had never seen any of the Star Wars movies all the way through.

It seemed like such a little thing.

But it wasn’t.

Not by a long shot!

From that day forward, the Mr. has made it his mission to enlighten me to all things Sci-fi.

Over the last 17 years, I have seen every Star Wars movie, every episode of every incarnation of Star Trek as well as every Star Trek movie.

I’ve seen all of the Stargates, Battlestar Galacticas, every Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies, and more alien shows & movies than I care to recount.

I even know who Cohaagen is and why he needs to give them air!

It’s taken awhile but my love for the Mr. has turned into a serious like for some of the entertainment I once made fun of.

The most surprising, though, has been my love of Doctor Who in general and the 10th Doctor in particular.

Granted, I only started watching with the 9th Doctor but when David Tennant took over as the 10th, well, pardon me, but he’s a cutie!!


That’s why when the Mr. and I stumbled upon a memorabilia shop in Pigeon Forge a few weeks ago, I wound up with the best souvenir ever.

A life size cardboard cutout of the 10th Doctor!

I know what you must be thinking.

And it’s true.

The Mr. has officially turned me into a nerd!!

But after we discovered what fun we could have with Doctor #10, it is definitely well worth the moniker.

The first thing we did was set him up in my office.

He looks good there but when Taj saw him, he started barking his head off and, of course, the Mr. had to make Taj believe that the Doctor was going to get him. It was pretty funny.

Then this past weekend, Shelby came for a visit.

The Mr. picked her up and when they got to the house, Shelby took her stuff up to her room.

Her room that is also my office.

Her room that is now guarded by Doctor Who!

She walked around the corner and screamed bloody murder!!!

Then it was ON!!!

That night (or rather early in the morning) we all headed to bed. Shelby to her room, the Mr. and Taj to our room and me and Shadow to the couch.

FYI, Shadow has been banished from the bedroom until he is no longer a pee-pee boy so we sleep downstairs.

It’s a long story.

But most of mine are! 🙂

I had just dozed off when I heard Taj barking like crazy.

I go to the bottom of the stairs and called for him but he just barked. I could tell he was in the Sheep Room (yes, I have a sheep room!) but he wouldn’t come to me. Sometimes he goes in there to roll around on the berber carpet and the door closes behind him and he gets trapped.

I’m not sure why the door closes but we think it’s the ghost of the old lady who lived there before us.

I start to go up to release Taj from the trap when he comes flinging down the stairs like the devil himself is chasing him.

What in this world???

He was scared to death.

We go back to sleep and early the next morning (or rather the same morning), the Mr. comes down and tells me that Shelby had put the Doctor in the Sheep Room and had scared him when he got up.

THAT’S what Taj was barking at!

Now it makes sense!!!

A few minutes later I hear a blood curdling scream from upstairs!

Then I hear the Mr. laughing.

He had put the Doctor right outside Shelby’s door so when she opened it, there he was!!

Who knew that Doctor Who could be so fun????

Well, the weekend flew by in a flash and Sunday evening we took Shelby back home. We came home and watched a little TV then decided we were so exhausted that we better go on to bed.

The Mr. went on up and I took care of the dogs then trudged up to get my stuff for the couch. On my way up, I decided to check to see what Shelby left behind. She always leaves SOMETHING! 🙂

I didn’t see anything.

No clothes.

No jewelry.

Not even the Doctor.

Hmmm……where is that goomer???

So I go to the Sheep Room.

No Doctor.


He’s somewhere.

Waiting for me!

I checked the Mr.’s bathroom (especially behind the shower curtain).

No Doctor.

I checked my bathroom (especially the shower stall).

No Doctor.

The Mr. said, “Are you looking for the Doctor?”

“Yep, he’s somewhere. Waiting.”

I checked the Mr.’s closet.

No Doctor.

So I opened my closet door……….