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The Thunder Rolls…….

The other day I got a completely random text from the Mr. that had me somewhat concerned.

He wrote: What was that stripper dudes name?

Now, my concern is really two-fold.

#1 – why is the Mr. asking about a male stripper?


#2 – why did I not hesitate one iota with the name????

For those of you who are now ALSO concerned, let’s go back………..

The year was 2005.

I had just taken a new job at the local hospital in our tiny town in western NY and quickly learned that I was working with the greatest group of girls on the planet.

I mean, we just had a ball.

Even though we complained about the work and the boss and all that, I loved every minute of time spent with those crazy Fierce’s. Of course, this group was only made stronger when Dawn joined our little band of misfits (also known as Plankton, but that’s a story for another day).

We could not have been more different but Jane, Erica, Kathy & Dawn became my sisters……………..whether they like it or not!!!

At this little hospital, there was a mental health unit.

Now, I tried my hardest to avoid this area.

Mainly because I was scared they would think I was an escapee and try to keep me.

But there were many times that we had to take medical records up to that unit and if I couldn’t think of an excuse fast enough, I had to go up with one of the other girls to deliver the records.

One day, the girls were talking about a particular male counselor on the MH unit.

The girls told me he was a “dancer”.

Ok. That’s cool.

No……… EXOTIC dancer!!

Oh my!!!

Now, before you let your mind wonder to what you may or may not know about exotic dancers, let me just assure you that there is nothing, NOTHING!, about the shape of this fella that screams DANCER!!!!

And to think that he gets paid to dance exotically just is beyond comprehension.

But if the girls say it’s true, who am I to argue??

I can’t for the life of me remember his right name but I do recall his stage name………..


Oh yes.


Not long after I learned this tidbit of information, Chocolate Thunder left the job at our hospital and went to a facility in the next town to serve as a counselor there. But he still called our office from time to time to request records on his patients.

Do you know how very hard it is to talk to someone with a somewhat professional demeanor while Erica is leaning over the back of your chair loudly whispering in your ear “It’s Chocolate Thunder!!! CHOCOLATE THUNDER!!!”.

I’m a giggler anyway, so it was oh-so-very-hard to keep my composure.

Thankfully Chocolate Thunder is a super nice guy and if he ever heard us, he didn’t let on.

I don’t know whatever happened to good ole C.T.

Maybe he’s put away his dancing shoes.

(If exotic dancers even wear shoes)

But I will never, ever forget him.

I am curious, though, why the Mr. remembers Chocolate Thunder.