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A Day Late and A Dollar Short

That’s not really true.

I AM a day late but I stole some moolah from the Mr.’s wallet so I’ve got a dollar.

Anyway, yesterday was a special day for our family.

Well, for all of us except Dad.

No, to Dad, yesterday was just another day.

Just an ordinary-like-all-the-others kind of day.

But to the rest of us, it’s special because HE is so special to us.

He’s our rock.

Our protector.

Our spiritual leader.

The wise old head.

The umbrella holder.

He’s DAD.


Dad & Shelby

Dad and Shelby

He’s never been one to get over-excited about his own birthday.

He can take ‘em or leave ‘em.

I don’t really know how to process that.

I love me a birthday.

I start mentioning my birthday MONTHS before the actual event.  Just to be sure no one forgets and I’m treated like a queen.

Well, maybe not a queen, more like the court jester, but still.

I love to celebrate ME!  🙂

{By the way, my birthday is about 3 months from now so start shopping!}

Dad is soooo not like that.

So I’ve decided that in honor of this great man’s birthday, I’d share a little Dad story with you.

I hope I haven’t shared this before but since I’ve managed to stack up a fair amount of birthdays myself, I can’t really remember.

So here goes:

Back in the olden days of the 70’s and 80’s my family practiced that long extinct ritual of the family supper.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before.

It’s where someone, usually the mom, cooks a meal using pots and pans and skillets and such and then the whole family sits around a table and eats and talks together.

I know, it seems weird now.

No microwave.

No TV.

No electronic devices.

Just talking to each other and enjoying a good meal.

Unless it was hamburger gravy; then it was just a lot of griping.

That stuff was NASTY!!

Our family was quite large by today’s standards, there were six of us in this tiny little kitchen and once you sat in your seat, you didn’t get up.  It’s not that getting up from the table was forbidden.  No, it was because the kitchen was so small, there was no way to get out of the room until EVERYBODY got up!

I remember one night we were sitting at the table and for some reason, I was sitting by Dad.  This was unusual because Molly always did, and still does, like to sit by Dad.

I don’t know why, really.  He usually had her squalling by the end of the meal.

He had this thing where if you put your elbow on the table, he would pick up your arm and bang your elbow on the table.  Not super hard; just enough to make you about four/thirds mad.  He didn’t do it because he minded elbows on the table, it was just fun to crack that funny bone.

I know, I don’t get it.

Boys are weird.

Anyway, Dad did this to Molly almost every night and she would fuss and she would cry and the next night, she was right back by his side.

So this particular night, I was sitting by Dad and we had a delicious meal of country ham.

Now, for those Northern folks who may be reading this, let me explain country ham.  It’s ham that’s been cured with salt before it’s smoked.

And no, we didn’t smoke it; we never could find papers big enough to roll it in!  haha

Sorry, sometimes my McLean comes out in me and I can’t stop it.

The thing about country ham is that it is super salty.

And very yummy!

You just can’t beat country ham, biscuits, fried potatoes and gravy.

So this night I was happy as a clam, eating my country ham, minding my own business.  But there was a grisly part on the side of my piece of ham that I cut off and laid on the side of my plate.  No biggie.

Toward the end of the meal, Dad noticed that piece of meat and says “Are you gonna eat that?”

Before I could answer, quick as a blink of an eye, he popped that tough piece of ham in his mouth.

All I could do was look at him and say “No, but I sucked it”.

Sure enough, when I realized that piece was too hard for my little teeth to chew, I sucked out all the salty goodness and laid the now bland piece back on my plate.

Well, when he realized I had been sucking on that meat rind, he just about lost it.  He jumped up from the table but, of course, there was nowhere to go!

He was trapped!

Dad learned a valuable lessen that night.

He’s never swiped a piece of food from a plate since that day.

At least not without finding out more about where that food has been!

Happy belated birthday, Daddy!!!





Turn That Frown Upside Down!

I’m ornery today.

Everything and everyone is getting on my nerves.

I’m sure at this point your thinking “that poor, poor Mr”.

And you would be right to feel sorry for him because when I’m in this kind of mood I am a pickle to be around and there will most likely be no supper preparations at my house tonight!!

Why am I like this?

I slept good last night.

It didn’t snow as much as was predicted.

It’s one day closer to the weekend.

I don’t know……it’s a mystery.

Must be the phase of the moon.

But I wanted to share something with you today that made me smile.

I got a card in the actual mail last week.


Just out of the clear blueness of the sky.

And isn’t that just the best kind of mail????

Here’s a peek at the inside of the card…..


{Yes, ladies, I see those smiles!!}

You see, my New York sisters-in-law know of my forever love of Matthew McConaughey.

Not only is he a great actor but he makes me weak in the knees.

But don’t worry, the Mr. knows this and has agreed that if Matthew ever comes a knockin’ on my door, well, let’s just say the Mr. isn’t too worried!!  🙂

When I turned 40, my sisters-in-law threw me a surprise birthday party and I got several Matthew-related gifts; including an autographed photo.

Funnily enough Matthew’s signature looks very similar to Jenal’s.


Lisa had a special pillowcase made for me with a collage of Matthew photos and, just so that the Mr. wasn’t left out, she included a case for the Mr. with Carrie Underwood’s photos.

We LOVE them!!!

The pillowcases AND the sisters-in-law, too!!

And so now every once in a while, I get a “love” note from Matthew.

It just makes my day.

As a matter of fact, just sharing this with all of ya’ll has perked me right up.

Not enough to cook supper, mind you, but I’m definitely perkier than I was.  🙂




Mrs. Magoo Strikes Again!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, suddenly everyone has your exact car????

Happens all the time.


Before I bought my car back in December, I knew that there were several in Frankfort that looked exactly like mine.  But I wanted a RAV4 and I wanted a blue one.

What I didn’t know was there are approximately 452 BILLION blue RAV4’s in Frankfort.

They are literally EVERYWHERE!!

I meet myself coming AND going.

And that’s hard to do, folks!!

But I love my car.

It was exactly what I wanted.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, if I could, I would change what happened to me Saturday night.

Saturday was Dad’s birthday.

We weren’t sure if we would be able to celebrate it on his actual day because he had that procedure done on Thursday but up in the day on Saturday, Mom let us know that he was feeling pretty good and wanted to go to the Cracker Barrel.

Sounds good.

We met there, had a lovely supper and then we went out on the porch and visited at the Barrel for a couple of hours.

It was a nice night and we didn’t have to fight over the rocking chairs.

There were plenty to go around!!

As the evening passed by and the sky got a little darker, I decided I better go to my car and get some stuff I had for Molly and Mom.

The Mr. asked me if I wanted him to go get it and I should have said YES!!

But I assured him I could get it just fine.

What was I thinking???


Out in the dusky night???

Could I really take care of this on my own??

The answer to that is a resounding NO!!!

No, I cannot!!!

I head over to the car and when I passed by the car in front of it, there was a dude (or dudette, I really couldn’t tell) sitting in their car and smoking a cigarette.

Thankfully, they pulled their arm in before I got burned on their butt!!!

{Sorry, Mom, for saying “butt”}

I hit the button on my key to unlock the door as I go be-boppin’ past Smokey Smokerson.

The door wouldn’t open.

Well, I must have only hit it once and opened the driver’s door instead of twice for the passenger door.

I did it again.


Wouldn’t budge.

I hit the button for the third time and it dawned on me that the unlock “beep” was coming from behind me.

About 4 rows behind me.

I’m at the wrong bloomin’ car!!!!!

And right in front of Smokey!!!

What’s a Magoo to do???

I said (out loud) “Well this isn’t even my car!”

Now, if that’s not Me-maw I don’t know what is!!



That’s Just Good Parenting

I remember when my little brother was born.

I was  9.

The day Mom brought him home from the hospital was a pretty cool day.  We got home from school and David Hutcherson was there with a dead deer in the back of his truck (awesome).  We went in the house and there was Mom and Marcus (not as awesome as the dead deer but still pretty good.  Sorry, Marc, I was NINE!)

Of course, I was rockin a pale blue leisure suit so anything after that was just gravy!  😉

After we all got a chance to hold the baby, Mom decided it was time for a diaper change.  She laid him down and looked each of us girls in the eye and said, “Now, girls, boys are different than girls”.


You don’t say?!?!?!?!

{At 9, I thought I was so wise. }

I didn’t realize at the time that my mother was speaking profound truth and I have thought back to this day many times over the years.

But boys aren’t just different.

They’re weird!!

They can’t help it.

They just are.

And mischievous too.

None more so than the Mr.

Yes, that quiet Mr. was indeed a rabble-rouser in his youth!

Now, I didn’t know him back then but from stories I’ve heard, it’s a wonder that his mother didn’t paddle his behind every ding-dong day!!

I’m sure he deserved it.

One day, though, she had had enough!!

Apparently, the Mr. (she didn’t call him that) was riding in the backseat of the car and was acting up pretty badly which doesn’t surprise me in the least!!  He still acts up from time to time.

Anyway, my sweet mother-in-law, who wouldn’t hurt a flea, decided to take a swipe at him from the driver’s seat.

Without looking.


Gave the kid a bloody nose!!!

The Mr. has never let her forget this day but whenever I hear the story, I can’t help but root for his mom!!  I mean, I’ve been tempted to pop him in the nose myself but since I know he’s a bleeder, I have refrained.  🙂

The Mr.’s mom (her right name is Barb) is having a birthday this week.

So happy birthday, Barb; this one’s for you:





I have a confession to make.

It’s really sad.

Not the kind of sad that will make you cry but the kind of sad that will make you shake your head and say “oh, Mish!”.

I’m looking forward to Saturday.

Not sad, you say???

I’m looking forward to Saturday because of a sandwich.

No, no………..hold those “oh, Mish”s till the end………

See, Saturday is my little sister’s birthday.  She requested that we have a girls’ movie day.  I’ve never attended one of my sister’s movie days because I was exiled to the Frozen Tundra but I believe it entails going to at least TWO movies and eating lunch AND supper out.   Now THAT’S a birthday celebration!!

But this year she’s included the boys in our movie day.  Which is fine with me.  I like the Mr. pretty good.  Sadly though she didn’t take the Mr.’s suggestion of “The Hobbit” as one of the movie choices.

Can you believe it??

Nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like Bilbo Baggins!!!

Anyway, as we’re making plans for our movie day, it’s brought to my attention that one of my favorite sandwiches is back!!!

And I can hardly wait!!!

The sandwich that is causing me to salivate 3 days in advance is none other than the world famous McRIB!!!!

{Ok, I’ll pause for the “oh, Mish”.  Don’t forget to shake your head!}

I know the McRib isn’t really meat.  I get that!!

But it’s for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

And we’re having it for lunch!


I’m so excited!!