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My Old Kentucky Home

I love Kentucky.

I mean, I really do.

Some of the most beautiful country you’ll ever see.


Some of the best food you’ll ever eat.


Some of the craziest people on God’s green earth!

I saw one of them today.

Well, I didn’t actually see the dude, just his truck.

But that was enough to know that he is all kinds of whackadoo!

I went to lunch, per usual, and then on my way back to work, this truck cuts me off.

What’s that???

Something is hanging down from the trailer hitch.

Something BIG is hanging down from the trailer hitch.

What could it be??

Oh my word…….

It’s a head.


Hanging down.

From the trailer hitch.

Of course, as soon as we stopped at a red light, I had to snap a picture.

‘Cause who would believe me otherwise????


I guess it’s true what Julia Sugarbaker once said….

In the South we don’t hide our crazy people.

We bring ‘em right out and show ‘em off.

Gotta love Kentucky!




People Say the Darndest Things


Today we are having a combo day of Wisconsin & Nebraska.   It’s a little chilly (ok a LOT chilly) and very windy!!

When I went home for lunch today it was even spitting snow a little.  But I had my big girl pants on and I braved the blowing snow and drove myself home and back to work.

Of course, that was mostly because the Mr. wouldn’t drive me!  He thinks I need to toughen up a bit.  I think he’s crazy!!

I told him, “Fine.  At least if I crash and die I won’t have to go to work tomorrow!!”

He assured me that I was not going to crash and die.  But I’m sure if I could have seen his face there would have been a giant eye-roll involved.

I taught him that!!  🙂

Anyway, I get safely back to the parking lot and bundle up for the walk to the office.  I’ve got on my clean Poop Coat and my warm scarf that Mom made me and some gloves.  I’m all set!!!

I’m almost to the office when a man who is walking the other direction looks at me, smiles and says “Bad hair day, isn’t it?”


I say something polite back because, after all, a good Southern girl would never be rude to someone’s face.  We wait and talk about them behind their back!!

I quickly check out my reflection in a window and see that it’s just my hair.

Not windblown.

Not sticking straight up.

Not Rod Stewart-esque.

Just my hair.

The way I INTENDED it to look.

I thought it was stunning!

Oh well, be ready, Christi, we gotta do something with this head!!




Splish Splash

I love to swim.

Not that I can actually swim, mind you, but I like splashing around in the water.  I shouldn’t say that I can’t swim, it’s just not very pretty.  But I think I could swim enough to save myself if need be.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to put that to the test!!!

When I was a kid my brother and I would BEG Dad to get a pool.  But oh no!  That’s not going to happen!!!  He usually said it was because it was too much work and even though we ASSURED him we would do the work, somehow he never believed us.

Imagine that!!!

And we very rarely got to go to the public pool.  It cost 50 cents to get in and, heavenly day, we couldn’t afford that!!!  But occasionally I got to go with my cousins.  Of course, all they wanted to do was “lay out” but this pale girl could do that at home!!  I wanted to SWIM!!!

Side note:  I’m still as pale as can be and my cousins?  Tan!  It’s sad!!

When I was in college, I dated a guy who was a lifeguard and who was totally astonished by my swimming prowess.  Actually he couldn’t believe that with all my thrashing around I hadn’t managed to drown!


Be he did teach me how to jump off a diving board and get myself over to the side in deep water.

Then much to my surprise I not only married a guy whose parent’s had a pool but the Mr. doesn’t have a problem with maintaining a pool.  It’s no biggie.


All my dreams were coming true!!!

I have simple dreams, folks.

We spent the first 5-6 years of our married life in that pool with the kids and just had a blast.   The bad part is that the swimming pool season in NY starts around July 4 (if your lucky) and ends at Labor Day.  So basically, unless you have a pool  heater, you may get 6-8 weeks of swimming fun.

So now that we’ve moved to the oven that is Kentucky, I’m in full beg mode to get a pool.

Maybe next year.

Or the year after that.

Or the year after that.

I’ll keep you posted.

But never fear.

I’m sure you are feared about my pool situation, right?!?!?!?!?!

I don’t need a swimming pool to get my swim on!

All I need is a tub of water.


What I want to know is, who sneaked in and took these pictures of me?????