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Scenes from the Pic Pac


Grocery stores and I have a love/hate relationship.

I love that there is food there but I hate that I have to go hunt for it, pay for it, load it in my car, unload it from my car and then find a place to put it.

And most of the time I hate that I have to prepare it.

I know…………what a whiner!

As much as I’d love to say I like cooking, I just don’t.

I love to eat.

I love to read recipes.

I love to plan food for a party.

I especially love watching food videos and Food Network.

I’m just not a fan of the actual cooking!

Of course, with such good cooks in our family, there really has been no need.

The Mr. likes good food, too, but he sees mealtimes as a big hurdle to get over so he can move on to other things.

It’s a chore.

Yes, the Mr. is looking forward to the time when we take a pill to satisfy our dietary needs.

He’s very sci-fi that way.

But my sister, Marti, is completely different.

Cooking is her gift.

Cooking is how she shows love.

Cooking is a joy for her.

And, boy, is she ever good at it!

Man, oh man, that girl can cook.

Not only can she follow a recipe, but she can make stuff up.

She just adds this and that and, viola, a delicious meal.

She can even taste something and tell you what’s in it and what it needs to be better.

It’s crazy!

So when our family gets together to eat, the Mish usually gets assigned chips or drinks or paper products.

And I’m fine with that.

Last night was no exception.

We were getting together on Marc’s last night home before he and Mason head back to the desert.  The plan was tacos.  YUM!  I could eat tacos every single day.  Love ‘em.

And what was my assignment????

Cheese and sour cream.

I’m all over it!

So after work, I head on over to the little grocery store downtown.

I like this store.

It smells like fried chicken.

And they sell groceries.

Not lawn furniture.

Not clothes.

Not books.

Not camping gear.


And I don’t have to wait for a tram to pick me up at my car, meander through the lot while taking me several miles to the front door only then to have to remember that I’m parked in Scooby Doo 2.

{Old Kings Island reference, in case you missed it!}

I park in one of the 15-20 parking spaces; I go in, get my stuff, and get out!

So that was the plan.

Cheese and sour cream are right there together.

I got this.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy and there are several people crowded around the dairy section.  So, not wanting to be pushy, I kind of hang back and look at other things while I wait for the folks to move along.

That’s when I hear them.

“There’s one; she works here too.”

It was a young-ish woman walking with a pre-teen who was losing it!

That poor girl was sobbing.

I mean, there were gut-wrenching sobs coming from this little girl.

Next thing I know, the weeping teen goes up to the worker (who was doing her own shopping) and said “I’m sorry.”

The worker told her “Just don’t do it again.”

Well by this time, Mish is all ears!

What in the world is going on?

Bless her heart.

This child is heartbroken.

This child is humiliated.

This child is hysterically sobbing…….loud, guttural, wailing sobs.

Then, as they walked away, I hear the mom say “I ain’t raisin’ no thief.”

That’s when I smiled.

That’s when I knew that this mother was teaching her young daughter a valuable lesson.

A hard lesson, for sure, but a lesson she apparently needed.

This girl won’t soon forget how her mother marched her through that store, making her apologize to every employee for stealing from the Pic Pac.

Bravo, mother, bravo!

{Still, bless her heart.  She was sure tore up about it!}



A Lesson For Us All

There’s one thing you must know about the Mr.

He doesn’t like to be interrupted.

Not by me.

Not by the kids.

And certainly not by the dog!!

One night a while back we were having supper and he was telling me about something important from work.  I think it was something about his contract which is also very important to me as it directly effects my shopping/eating.

There’s one thing you must know about Taj.

He doesn’t like when we linger at the table.

Not even if the eating is done.

Not even if we’re finishing the last of an episode of Seinfeld that we’ve only seen 50 times.

Not for nothin’!!

And he will let you know that he’s upset.

He’s got a little dog kinda bark to start with but when he’s ticked off, his bark goes up about 3 octaves and it will bring you right up out of your chair.

We love it.

Yeah, whatever!

Anyway, as the Mr. is telling me his story, Taj starts with the barking.  I gave him some scraps to try to keep him quiet.  But he kept it up.

I know……….it’s the giving of the scraps that got the whole barking thing started.  But that’s an issue for another day.

The Mr. looks at him and tells him to be quiet and continues his story.


The Mr. tells Taj to stop barking (that’s the nice version) and continues.

Bark! Bark!

I reach down to pet the dog hoping to keep him quiet but I’m informed that my babying is part of the problem.

Me?  Baby the dog??  Are you kidding???

So the story continues.

BARK!!  BARK!!!! (<–that’s the sharp one!)

The Mr. has HAD it!!!

I know you all think the Mr. is just a mild mannered man, and he usually is, but enough is a dag-gone ’nuff!!!  He yells at Taj to shut it while I look away so that I’m not accused of babying him.  As if!!!

The next part I didn’t see because, as I said, my head was turned.

The house is dead quiet.

Not a peep could be heard.

All of a sudden I  hear the Mr. say………

“Don’t you be eye-ballin’ me boy!!”

And that’s when I lost it!!!!

I tried to do my Mom’s laugh.

You know the one……no sound but shoulders shaking violently.

Mom uses that one in church!

Sorry Mom!!  🙂

Then, afraid I would pop a gizzard holding it in, I just let it go and had a big ole laughing spell!!!  The Mr. joined in and then it was a free for all!!!  Laughing and barking and general mayhem!!!!

So let that be a lesson to you.

1.  The Mr. and I are suckers for a laugh; and,

b.  Do NOT, under any circumstance,  eye-ball the Mr.!!!!!