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I Got Water

When Shelby was little, she would sometimes come to Mom and Dad’s for the weekend.

I always tried to be there because she was just so darn cute and so much fun!!!  Molly & Steve were usually there and we had lots of laughs with that little fella.

Me & Shelby2

One time I remember we were going to a Gospel concert.  I’m not sure what concert but Shelby was along for the fun.

On the way, we stopped for supper at Frisch’s.  Shelby just LOVED the Big Boy that stood out in front of the restaurant.

Related image

Marti did too at one time but that’s a story for a different day.

If she doesn’t kill me dead.

Which she probably will.

And that makes this my Farewell Post.

Thanks for the memories.

Anywho, after Unkie let Shelby talk to the Big Boy, we went inside and ordered our food.

When the waitress brought our drinks, she gave me a chocolate shake.

She gave Dad a chocolate shake.

She gave Mom a chocolate shake.

Shelby’s drink was in a child’s cup with a lid and that precious girl took a big ole drink.

Her eyes got big.

She turned to Mom and said……….

“I got water”

Bless her little heart!!!!

That baby watched all of us be presented with chocolate shakes and Mom had gotten her WATER!!!

She didn’t pitch a fit but I will never forget the look of disappointment on her little face.

So when she comes to stay the weekend with me, she gets whatever she wants!!


Mt. Dew


Chocolate shake


Chips & dip


I thought of poor little Shelby today when I went to Wendy’s for lunch.

I’ve been trying to eat better these days so I ordered a small water.

Now, for some strange and odd reason, Wendy’s has decided that it would be great fun to have ONE machine dispense about 172 flavors of drink.

I don’t know why they did this but it gets on my ever-lovin’ last nerve!

For one reason, when the dude in front of you finishes getting his drink and you stick your cup in the machine, whatever sugary yuck he was getting now is dripping on YOUR hand!


I don’t want someone else’s drip on me!

So today I remembered to let it drip a minute before sticking my hand in there.

Smart thinkin’.

When it appeared we were drip-free, I put a little bit of ice in my cup and selected “Water”.

And, sure enough, water came out.

But why was it reddish?

Dump that out.

Try again.

A little ice.


Now it’s pinkish.

Okay, so not only do these machines drip on you but you also get whatever gross drink the dude before you selected that’s still left in the hose.

I don’t even what to think about what all else is up in that hose!!

Next time I’ll be as smart as the Mr. and bring my own drink!!

Or just get a Frosty. 🙂




Splish Splash

I love to swim.

Not that I can actually swim, mind you, but I like splashing around in the water.  I shouldn’t say that I can’t swim, it’s just not very pretty.  But I think I could swim enough to save myself if need be.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to put that to the test!!!

When I was a kid my brother and I would BEG Dad to get a pool.  But oh no!  That’s not going to happen!!!  He usually said it was because it was too much work and even though we ASSURED him we would do the work, somehow he never believed us.

Imagine that!!!

And we very rarely got to go to the public pool.  It cost 50 cents to get in and, heavenly day, we couldn’t afford that!!!  But occasionally I got to go with my cousins.  Of course, all they wanted to do was “lay out” but this pale girl could do that at home!!  I wanted to SWIM!!!

Side note:  I’m still as pale as can be and my cousins?  Tan!  It’s sad!!

When I was in college, I dated a guy who was a lifeguard and who was totally astonished by my swimming prowess.  Actually he couldn’t believe that with all my thrashing around I hadn’t managed to drown!


Be he did teach me how to jump off a diving board and get myself over to the side in deep water.

Then much to my surprise I not only married a guy whose parent’s had a pool but the Mr. doesn’t have a problem with maintaining a pool.  It’s no biggie.


All my dreams were coming true!!!

I have simple dreams, folks.

We spent the first 5-6 years of our married life in that pool with the kids and just had a blast.   The bad part is that the swimming pool season in NY starts around July 4 (if your lucky) and ends at Labor Day.  So basically, unless you have a pool  heater, you may get 6-8 weeks of swimming fun.

So now that we’ve moved to the oven that is Kentucky, I’m in full beg mode to get a pool.

Maybe next year.

Or the year after that.

Or the year after that.

I’ll keep you posted.

But never fear.

I’m sure you are feared about my pool situation, right?!?!?!?!?!

I don’t need a swimming pool to get my swim on!

All I need is a tub of water.


What I want to know is, who sneaked in and took these pictures of me?????



We Are On A Journey

Today the Mr. and I embark on a new journey.  No, we’re not actually going anywhere but we are trying a new “diet”. 

I know, I know, been there, done that!  So have we.  But Molly & Steve started this so we thought, “Why not?  Let’s jump on their bandwagon!”

Of course, who could have known their bandwagon was so expensive!!!

But, after taking out a second mortgage at Kroger, we’re trudging ahead.

So far today, I’ve had a delicious spicy cheese omelet with tomatoes for breakfast and I just finished my mid-morning snack of cantaloupe.  It was quite good.  And I’ve got chicken and peppers waiting at home in the fridge for lunch.  I made it last night and it smelled yummy!!!  Can’t wait.

But now, the bad news:

According to this apparent food Nazi, there are no soft drinks allowed.

Did you get that??




No Diet Coke.

No Mt. Dew.


What’s an addict to do???

I’ve had so much water this morning that I’m just about to drown.  Of course, I can have green tea if I want but YUCK!!  And I don’t drink coffee so….water, it is!!!

**WARNING:  If I happen to see you over the next couple of weeks and I manage to rip your head right off, I don’t mean it!!  I’m really a nice person.  Really.  Just a bit nicer with caffeine!

I sure hope aspirin are allowed cause I’m eating ’em like Tic Tacs.